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Career Counseling Services

  • Looking for the right direction to give to your career ?

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Strong in expertise of nearly 25 years, with the use of self-knowledge tools and renowed psychometric tests, our services are tailored and provided by our career counselors, which are members of the ‘Ordre professionnel des conseillers et conseillères d’orientation du Québec’ (OCCOQ), in rules of the strictest professionalism, ethics, and confidentiality.


Our Career Counseling Services offers :

Guidance Counseling
Learn to better know yourself and make a reflective analysis in order to determine a better career choice for you.  
Validation of Your Professional Choice
The main goal of the professional choice validation is to help you define a vocational project in line with your interests, your aptitudes, your values, and with the reality of the labor market.
Skills Assessment 
Achieve the synthesis of your key skills.  By recognizing your talents, you can identify your transferable skills to advance in your career plan or your work team.  
Academic and Vocational Information 
Our career counselors will accompany you, as early as highschool or college level, in exploring the different academic and vocational options that correspond to your profile.  


Our Objectives :

The objective of our career counseling services is to help francophone and anglophone people living on the island of Montreal define a professional project in conformity with their interests, their aptitudes, their needs and the reality of the labor market.  

The career counseling process we are proposing is an opportunity to explore oneself in order to define your professional identity and to enable you to reach a true work saitsfaction.  

The relationship of trust between the counselor and the client, the active listening, and the human accompanying framework play an important role in the success of the process. 


If you are refered by your Local Employment Center*   Free
Please contact us at 514-381-1171
Not refered by your Local Employment Center  

Please contact us at 514-381-1171 or by e-mail at contact@oe2.ca

You are an employer and would like to benefit from an Employment Assistance Program ?  
You are an insurance company and are looking for career counseling services for your clients ?  

*You have to go to the Local Employment Center nearest you (find a Local Employment Center near you) and ask to benefit from a career counseling service with our organization.